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A Complete Stryker Toy Hauler ST2916 Review: Our Big Takeaways

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A Stryker toy hauler RV makes for an excellent road companion if you need excessive storage for all your hobbies and outdoor sporting gear. From canoes and bikes to paddleboards and surfboards, toy haulers can accommodate everything that gives you an adrenaline boost. 

Speaking of toy haulers, the Stryker ST2916 has an impressive floor plan, spacious garage, and sleeps seven to eight people. It is just the right RV for an adventurous family or friend circle. 

In this Stryker toy hauler ST2916 review, we will look at the toy hauler’s design, storage, and livability, along with sharing our takeaways. 

Stryker ST2916 Floor Plan 

The Stryker toy hauler ST2916 is designed differently from the other RVs we have reviewed, as the bulk of the interior space is towards the front of the toy hauler. 

The first thing to notice about the Stryker ST2916 is two doors for entry, one opening right into the bedroom and the other into the living room. Having two doors makes entry and exit more convenient if you travel to the vehicle’s total capacity and seven people move in and out. 

If you enter from the door closer to the hitch, you will see a king-sized bed with storage on both sides. The bathroom is next to the bedroom and has a walk-in shower that allows you to freshen up once you return from a hike or a bike ride. 

Since there are doors on both sides of the bathroom, you will have your privacy at all times. 

The kitchen and living room are towards the center of the toy hauler. 

The dinette is next to the kitchen with a stove, ample countertop space, and a sink. On the rear end of the toy hauler are the 16-foot-long garage and additional sleeping space. 

You can also add these optional features to the toy hauler:  

  • Onan 4K gas generator Onan 5.5 gas generator with 50 Amp service & 2nd A/C prep
  • Ultralite electric stabilizing system
  • Second 13.5K BTU A/C (requires 50 amp service)
  • 18-gallon generator fuel tank (N/A ST2313)
  • Rear ramp patio with folding rails
  • 50 Amp service with second A/C prep

Stryker ST2916 Design 

The Stryker ST2916 certainly impresses in terms of exterior and interior design. Here are our top five exterior features of the toy hauler: 

  • Heavy Duty Construction: The toy hauler has a heavy-duty construction, keeping the vehicle safe and steady on the road. 
  • ‌Laminated Sidewalls: The laminated sidewalls feature Azdel composite and have five-sided aluminum framing. We have already raved a lot about aluminum’s benefits in our other reviews. The material is durable, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and strong.
  • Self-Adjusting Brakes: The toy hauler has easy lube hubs in its heavy-duty axles along with self-adjusting brakes. Once they have been adjusted, they can subsequently adjust themselves when moving forward or backward.
  • Weather-Resistant: The Stryker ST2916 toy hauler is the perfect fit for every season, owing to the two-inch heat duct in the underbelly beside the radiant foil.
  • Generator Prep: The hauler also has a standard generator prep and a fuel pump. The fuel pump is housed in an insulated compartment, while the tank has a 30-gallon capacity. 

The Stryker ST2916 also has a rear overhang protecting you from excessive sun exposure and water. It is right above the ramp door. 

An RV that is so impressive from the outside must satisfy you even more as you step inside. Here are some of our favorite interior features of the Stryker ST2916: 

  • Maximum Storage: The garage is large enough to accommodate all your toys, while the bedroom and kitchen have storage for your clothes, accessories, and other belongings.
  • WiFi and Solar Prep: Don’t want to miss your Netflix binging sessions even when on the road? The Stryker ST2916 has got you covered. 
  • ‌LED Interior Lighting: It is pretty strategic of the manufacturers to use LED lighting on the inside of the toy hauler as they are long-lasting and energy-efficient.  
  • Charging Stations: You will find USB and 12v charging stations in different parts of the RV. 

As for the aesthetic, the Stryker ST2916 has designer accent walls that provide an ambient atmosphere. 


Let us head over to the garage now, which is big enough for all the equipment and gear you want to take along. The ramp leading to the garage serves two purposes. If you are not using it for storage, you can turn it into a makeshift outdoor patio and enjoy your coffee with a view. 

As the gates around the ramp are collapsible, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that nothing will accidentally fall from the inside.

Moreover, you will find two reclining sofas in the garage that can be used as bunks if you have guests onboard. Half of the garage can be turned into an extra seating space or even a spare bedroom for the little ones, depending on the number of toys you want to take along. 

Some more storage is present in the bedroom on both sides of the bed. You will also find some room above the bed to store your linens, extra sheets, or nighttime skincare routine essentials. 


It is pretty clear from the amenities present in the Stryker ST2916 that the toy hauler has been built with a large group in mind. 

For one, the kitchen has stainless-steel appliances with a three-burner cooktop, allowing you to prepare a feast. Meanwhile, the double-door refrigerator has enough space for all your ingredients — and even leftovers. 

The highlighting feature of the kitchen has to be the counter space, which is more than what you would typically find in similar models. Plus, the high-rise faucet makes filling and washing large pots easy. 

The living area is just as convenient with residential-style furniture and a convertible couch. If you have a guest over, you can turn the sofa into a sleeping space for one. The living area also has two reclining seats to enjoy your meal while you take in the views from the windows. 

Most charging stations in the RV are present in the living room, which frankly makes a lot of sense. The living area has LED lighting that brightens up the interior without consuming too much electricity to get the mood going. 

Even the exterior of the toy hauler is well-made. Sitting on the patio, you can listen to the game or play your favorite artists on the exterior wall mount speakers. When the sun goes down, turn on the LED lighting, and you are all set for outdoor entertainment. 

From a livability point of view, the Stryker ST2916 has gotten pretty much everything right.


With a hitch weight of 1,240 lbs and a gross weight of 12,800 lbs, the Stryker ST2916 is not exactly a light vehicle. Moreover, it has a length of 35 ft 11 in and an exterior width of 8 ft 6 in.  

These dimensions make the toy hauler too large for some roads, especially if you pass through smaller towns and narrow paths. We suggest leaving the Stryker at the campsite if you plan to explore a local farmer’s market or attend a festival. 

Our Takeaways 

Towards the end of this Stryker ST2916 review, we would like to share our takeaways: 

  • Size Matters: Yes, the garage is enormous, and there are recliners inside. But that does not mean the toy hauler is for everyone. While it is perfect for larger families, it is way too big for most people.
  • Design is On Point: If it was not evident earlier, we are absolute fans of this toy hauler’s design. With two entry doors, outdoor speakers, a makeshift patio, and a walk-in shower, the Stryker ST2916 makes life comfortable on the road.
  • Suitable for On-the-Go Workers: With solar and WiFi prep, the Stryker ST2916 is ideal for people who like to stay connected on the go. Whether you need the connection for work or leisure, this model has it sorted out.

Tips for Buying a Toy Hauler 

Buying a toy hauler is a hefty investment, so you should go in with a well-informed mind. Here are some tips to help you out: 

  • Tow Weight: If you plan on using your current tow vehicle, make sure the toy hauler can be towed by it. You do not want to end up with a high-end toy hauler that requires you to spend more money on a tow vehicle afterward.
  • All Seasons: When do you plan to travel? If you like winter sports, the toy hauler should be prepared for all kinds of weather conditions. Otherwise, you will have to pay thousands to repair broken lights and thaw frozen tanks.
  • Personal Needs: Toy haulers are available in different sizes with several floor plans. You need to choose the right vehicle based on the number of people you want to sleep, the amount of cargo space you need, and the frequency of travel. 

Final Words 

The Stryker ST2916 is undoubtedly a sizable toy hauler for larger families and groups. Along with an ample sleeping room, it also has storage for everything from groceries and equipment to accessories and clothing. 

Even better, if you love welcoming guests onboard, there is a lot of space in the garage to sleep extra people. 

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Score Breakdown
  • Size Matters
  • Generator Prep
  • Charging Stations

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