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A Top-to-Bottom Review of the Winnebago Minnie 2801BHS

The Winnebago Minnie 2801BHS is the little camper that promises big adventure. But how well does the legendary RV maker deliver on this promise? Join us for a head-to-toe review of one of the brand’s most lightweight and compact travel trailers. 

‌Our Winnebago Minnie 2801BHS Review From Top to Bottom‌

Winnebago Minnie 2801BHS Exterior

Let’s start with the exterior of the Winnebago Minnie 2801BHS. Right off the bat, there are some impressive features that indicate a lot of thought went into the design of this compact camper. 

The front cap is gel-coated fiberglass, which is super durable and looks great. Of course, the Winnebago name is emblazoned across the front so there’s no mistaking the brand — this will also signal to other Winnebago drivers that you’re a member of the exclusive club. The rock guard that runs along the bottom is a smart touch that will keep debris from flying up off the road and dinging the front of the unit, which will help keep your RV looking great for many years to come. 

But looks aside, there is a lot to appreciate about the functionality and convenience of the Minnie’s exterior. There are four manual jacks positioned along the outside of the unit, and the electric tongue jack means that getting hitched requires one easy click of a button. Plus, there’s a handy built-in light for nighttime hitching that illuminates the entire front end of the trailer. The front end of the Minnie is rounded out with two 20-pound propane tanks and rack space for a 12-volt interstate battery. 

Heading down the side of the Minnie, we find more awesome features. First is a lighted pass-through storage compartment — Winnebago found ways to add extra storage areas seemingly everywhere on the Minnie — that’s perfect for stowing larger items like a portable grill and lawn chairs. This compartment is also where you’ll see that the Minnie is pre-wired for solar power. LED lighting is installed in this area as well so you can easily see what you’ve got stowed inside. 

Further down the exterior, a nice big awning opens up to provide shade and cover for outdoor lounging, which you’ll be doing a lot of considering you have the option for an outside TV hookup and speakers for blasting your favorite music. And we haven’t even touched on the outdoor kitchen yet. 

Speaking of which, you have everything you need for outdoor cookouts at your fingertips, from a two-burner cooktop to counter space and a fully functional sink with hot and cold water. A mini-fridge is also installed right in the side of the Minnie, so you don’t have to run in and out of the trailer to fetch ingredients. Several power outlets mean you can plug in your coffeemaker, waffle iron, and whatever other kitchen appliances you have on hand. 

At the back of the unit, you have the 30-amp service outlet, more TV and appliance hookups, flush connect, and a ladder that provides access to the roof (which is safe to walk on). There is also a convenient outside shower with hot and cold water that’s perfect for rinsing off dishes, sandy feet, muddy pets, and more. 

‌Winnebago Minnie Floorplan

‌Climbing the aluminum stairway and taking your first steps inside the Winnebago’s Minnie 2801BHS is a bit of a mind trip because, on first glance, it’s hard to fathom how they fit so much space and storage into a compact travel trailer — luckily, there’s a sturdy grab handle at the entry in case you need a moment to steady yourself. 

‌Inside the Minnie and immediately to your left are two roomy bunks that can sleep two to four children. Right next to the sleeping area is a decent-sized bathroom that rivals the space and storage of most bachelor apartment bathrooms. Features include a stainless steel sink, mirrored medicine cabinet, under-sink storage, and multiple power outlets for plugging in hair dryers, clippers, etc. 

To the right of the entryway you have a large walk-in pantry with generous shelving that can be used for food, clothing, electronics, linens, and more. 

The central area of the travel trailer is the entertainment and living area, complete with a spot for a television, two lounge chairs, and four windows that provide plenty of natural light and ventilation. Continuing on through the interior, you have a U-shaped dinette that can seat four to six people, with storage space underneath the seating. 

The kitchen area is fully equipped with a microwave, three-burner cooktop, oven with an overhead vent, dual-basin stainless steel sink, and a marble-look backsplash. There is enough space to cook meals for the entire family and then store the leftovers in the full-sized refrigerator and freezer. 

A sliding door partitions off the master bedroom, which houses a queen-sized bed — with overhead and under-bed storage, of course — flanked by LED lighting which makes bedtime reading a breeze, and plenty of outlets for charging your electronics. 


‌As we’ve already mentioned, the storage in the Winnebago Minnie 2801BHS is out of this world. There are 44 cubic feet of storage, to be exact, which outclasses all of the Minnie’s peers. 

‌Everywhere you look, there’s interior and exterior storage space for tucking away all your essentials, big and small. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of the storage areas on the Minnie:

  • At the front end of the trailer
  • In the entryway pantry
  • Under the bunk beds
  • In the bathroom
  • Under the dinette seating area
  • Underneath the TV area
  • In the kitchen
  • In the master bedroom (in overhead cabinets and under the mattress)

This little camper was clearly designed to go the distance and make sure that its users can go wherever they want, do whatever they want, and bring whatever they need with them. No space goes to waste, so you can load up the Minnie with food, clothing, sports equipment, camping gear, and more. 


When it comes to the outdoor lifestyle, a lot of would-be RVers understandably shy away from making the leap because of the driving aspect. Towing a travel trailer can be an intimidating prospect, and Winnebago gets that. That’s why they constructed the Minnie to be a slim seven-feet wide, which offers superior visibility that doesn’t rely on cumbersome extended mirrors and makes towing and turning very much within the reach of even new RVers. 

‌Winnebago Minnie Livability

‌Now for the most important part of our Winnebago review. Features and technical specifications are one thing, but what really matters is the answer to the question “Can I live and travel comfortably in this RV?”

And with the Winnebago Minnie 2801BHS, the answer is a resounding yes. 

Winnebago is a known entity in the RV world, having enjoyed its status as an industry leader for half a century. And that status is well-deserved, since the brand doesn’t rest on its laurels, opting instead to continually break new ground in offering the latest and greatest to its clientele. That commitment to excellence is evident in everything about the Minnie, from the sleek and sturdy construction down to the smallest details, with entertainment and cutting-edge technology clearly at the forefront. From a wireless charging station for your smartphone to solar power capability, Winnebago has equipped the Minnie with a range of features that let you enjoy the ultimate in convenience and comfort. 

Although the Minnie is a compact travel trailer, thanks to the well-considered design that maximizes every inch of space, it delivers the ease, comfort, and spaciousness of something much larger. With the flexibility afforded by the Minnie’s indoor and outdoor amenities, a family of six could comfortably live, travel, and work in this travel trailer. 

‌The Bottom Line on the Winnebago Minnie 2801BHS

‌What more can we say in our Winnebago review? The Minnie may be compact, but it offers an outsized and top-of-the-line travel trailer experience. 

So it’s truly an excellent bonus that with the Winnebago Minnie, you get immediate access to a world of events, meet-ups, rallies, and more. Just be sure that before you hit the road for the first time, you learn the traditional salute between Winnebago drivers: holding up your first three fingers to form a “W.”  

Score Breakdown
  • Electric tongue jack
  • Large walk in pantry
  • Queen zie bed
  • Sleek and durable exterior
  • The best in outdoor living and entertainment
  • Floorplan that maximizes space and functionality
  • Fully functional bathroom and kitchen
  • Ton's of storage
  • A slim design that maneuvers like a dream

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