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Company Spotlight: Getting to Know Winnebago Industries

Anyone who’s considering buying a motorhome or travel trailer knows it’s an investment in a lifestyle. So, naturally, it’s important to know which new RVs are worth the investment, in both time and money. 

Winnebago Industries sits comfortably at the top of any list of top RV brands. It’s been a leading maker of outdoor lifestyle products since the 1950s and is one of the most recognized and respected names in the business. 


For one thing, its customer service is off-the-charts excellent. As a top RV maker, Winnebago’s purpose is to bring the outdoor lifestyle to its customers, helping create “extraordinary experiences as they travel, live, work, and play” and making “lifetime advocates” of the brand by delivering an unsurpassed customer experience. It’s a tall order, for sure, and one the company achieves by hiring, training, and supporting a truly collaborative employee base that goes above and beyond to make the RV buying experience both informative and exciting. 

So, that’s the high-level company vision and mission stuff. What does Winnebago Industries actually make, and how does it stack up to other RV makers?

What Winnebago Industries makes and who it’s for

Winnebago Industries has production facilities mainly in the Midwest — Iowa, Indiana, and Minnesota — and in Oregon and Florida. Having such an established presence is what allows the company to produce an extensive and varied product line that includes motorhomes and towable travel trailers. 

When it comes to motorhomes, Winnebago offers class A and C models, camper vans, and accessibility-enhanced options that will suit the needs and lifestyles of a range of RVers, from those who use their motorhome for vacationing to those who have embraced the lifestyle full-time. 

Winnebago’s towable travel trailers also run the gamut, from compact and affordable options — such as the Micro Minnie, which was named the 2021 Lightweight Travel Trailer of the Year by RV News and has a sticker price of under $25,000 — to more expansive options — such as the Voyage, which has floor space for all of the comforts of home, but on four wheels: a king-size bed, a full-sized refrigerator, and a washer and dryer. 

Building a community of RV enthusiasts

Another point of pride for Winnebago Industries is the community it has built up around the brand over the past half-century. It offers several ways for RVers to connect with one another, from holding Winnebago community events across the country to running a WIT (Winnebago International Travelers) Club of Winnebago owners, with a current membership of 16,000. 

Get to know more about Winnebago Industries

For new and experienced RVers alike, Winnebago Industries offers the kind of service and support that make it easy to take up the outdoor lifestyle. In addition, they have a rental program that lets customers give RVing a “test drive” before deciding whether or not to commit to a purchase. 

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