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3 Growing Trends in RV Sales

RV sales trends all point to one thing — there’s never been a better time to become an RVer.

The world shifted in 2020 due to COVID-19 and it affected virtually every industry under the sun. In 2021, those pandemic waves of change continue to be present.

RV sales are experiencing a surge of interest at the moment, and it’s not hard to see why. After more than a year of intermittent lockdowns and quarantines, people are hungry for travel but hesitant about getting on planes. RVing opens up a whole new approach that combines freedom and the ability to social distance with the excitement of life on the open road.

‌What does this interest in RVs mean for those curious about the lifestyle? To answer that question, here are the top 3 growing trends in RV sales: 

1. RVs are Selling like Hotcakes in 2021

Many people are finding themselves with more flexibility in their lives thanks to the increasing normalization of working from home. With huge numbers of workers no longer chained to an office or even to set working hours, many are experimenting with a freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere by hitting the road in an RV. 

Here are some hard numbers on trends in RV sales: Over 11 million US households own an RV in 2021 (a 26% increase compared to 2011) and data collected in June 2020 indicated that over 46 million Americans intended to go on an RV trip in the next year

2. Used RV Sales are also Getting a Bump

It’s not just new RVs that are flying off the lots. Used RVs, in good condition, have always been a hot ticket item and have become quite popular as the interest continues to increase. Buyers should be aware that with more RVs being built and repaired, parts are in short supply and can lead to longer wait times when purchasing both new and refurbished ones. 

3. Renting an RV is a Great Option 

These days, it’s simple to rent an RV. Many rental places are offering sweet deals to entice potential customers. RV trends change year after year, which means that new models usually have cool new features and technologies that can add variety and convenience when traveling. Renting lets people sample a buffet of options before making the leap to RV ownership. 

What These Growing RV Sales Trends Mean

The trends in RV sales translate to a couple of points for current and aspiring RVers. 

First, if someone is thinking about dipping their toes into the RV lifestyle for the first time, they can look forward to joining a growing community of like-minded individuals. Interest in RVing is high, which means there’ll be more resources and options available to meet growing demand. In other words, there’s a lot to look forward to.

Second, anyone planning to buy a used RV should be prepared to make quick purchasing decisions since competition is higher now. It may take a bit longer than expected to find a suitable used RV. In the meantime, it’s a good idea to consider renting an RV in order to get a feel for the different makes/models and what RVs have to offer. 

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