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The Anatomy Of A Winnebago Hike H170S: A Full Overview

Travel trailers, particularly the Winnebago Hike, are economical introductions to an active outdoor lifestyle. At the same time, they offer many of the creature comforts found in a full-size motorhome. It’s impossible to get too deep into the towable travel trailer community without hearing about Winnebago. With a following of thousands of dedicated outdoor enthusiasts, the manufacturer is known for delivering quality products that last.

And with its latest travel trailer, Winnebago delivers on that legacy in spades. This 2021 Winnebago Hike H170S review will show that, with its small size that boasts a surprising number of creature comforts, this is the perfect trailer for first-time buyers.

All the Creature Comforts

Among new RVs, the Hike H170S has a comfortable design that appeals to even the staunchest of “indoor types.” 

Sleek Interior Design

While staying in the Hike H170S, it can be tempting to try to call room service — it feels like a hotel inside. The sleek, neutral-toned interior is comfortable and timeless, and it feels like a fresh take on traditional RV interior design. It features a queen-size bed and dinette. Conveniently, the dinette folds down into an extra bed. ‌

Bring the Indoors Out

When parked, the kitchen can expand out for more space, along with a 10-foot awning lined with LED lights. Exterior speakers help set the mood. The space under the awning is perfect for eating outside or reading in the shade. Three of the available floor plans include a pull-out cooktop for grilling outdoors to really get a party going.


For all the cooks out there, this travel trailer has all the essentials. With two cooktop burners, a convection microwave, a sink, and a refrigerator and freezer, it’s easy to have a home-cooked meal on the road. 

Winnebago Hike Technology 

Despite only being 6.5 feet long, the Hike H170S has nearly all the technology features that a hotel provides. It comes with an LED television, TV antenna, USB charge ports, a wireless cellphone charger, and a full AV system. There’s Bluetooth for music lovers to play their favorite tunes from their phone or the radio. It is Wi-Fi ready, so it’s possible to create a Wi-Fi network with additional equipment.


The dry bathroom in the Hike 170S is comforting for people who can’t get used to the idea of bathing next to their toilet. For the uninitiated, many smaller trailers have wet bathrooms where the toilet and shower are in the same space, with the whole room getting wet during showers. While wet bathrooms do take up a smaller amount of space, many are glad to part with some square footage to have their toilet outside of their shower stall. 

The Hike 170S separates the shower area from the toilet. It also has plenty of storage for towels and toiletries. A nice-sized sink and mirror are a bonus. 

Sturdy Features for Rugged Adventures

While the Hike 170S is comfortable on the inside, on the outside it is built for travel on rougher roads. 

The Winnebago Hike is Built for Boondocking

This trailer is great for getting to nontraditional campsites and for boondocking. With a freshwater tank capacity of over 30 pounds, it’s easy to spend the night living off the grid as needed during long-distance trips. 

Winnebago Hike Exoskeleton

The Hike H170S features a unique exoskeleton design on the exterior. It’s sturdy enough to support gear and to climb on. In fact, the exoskeleton makes climbing onto the roof to secure kayaks or other gear a breeze. It also provides vertical storage on the sides for smaller items such as surfboards. The one-piece fiberglass roof has a smooth profile to avoid drag and improve fuel efficiency.

Ready for Rough Roads

Large powder-coated fenders and wheel wells frame the rugged tires, protecting the outside of the trailer from mud and flying gravel. The wheels are offset for improved stability. There is also plenty of clearance from the bottom of the trailer to the ground, and the fully enclosed underbelly protects tanks.

Outdoor Fun, Maximized

Several of the Hike H170S’s small details add a little extra comfort to the outdoor experience. For example, the outside shower is perfect for rinsing off dogs or muddy bikes. Tinted windows help keep the interior cooler during trips in hot climates. And the back has a two-inch hitch receiver for adding cargo storage or bike racks.

Outdoor adventures with the Winnebago Hike

Climate Comfort

The Hike 170S comes with air conditioning and a furnace to keep the temperature comfortable in most environments. A tank heater that can be controlled from the inside helps keep tanks warm during colder weather.

Plenty of Storage

A sturdy, outside front-storage compartment is perfect for holding batteries, LP tanks, or anything else needed for the trip. The interior is lined with cabinets along the kitchen and under the bed and dinette. The cabinet doors flip up and stay open, making it easy to load and unload with both hands.

Winnebago Hike Floor Plan

The Hike 170S has a versatile floor plan. As you walk in, you enter an inviting living space. The wood cabinets in the kitchen feel modern, as does the dinette. To the left of the entry way is a complete dry bathroom. At the back of the trailer, the bed can be folded back as additional seating to watch satellite TV or movies you brought in the built-in LED television set. 


The pricing for a new Hike H170S is nearing $30,000. This may be high compared to some competitors and to older models, but its innovative exoskeleton design and other features may make it worth the cost. 

An RV for Everyone

At only 6.5 feet long and under 4,500 pounds, the Winnebago Hike 170S can be towed by most trucks and SUVs. At the same time, it offers all the features you would expect from a much larger motorhome. Our Winnebago Hike 170S review is positive, and we recommend it both for people new to RVing and to seasoned outdoor adventurers.

To browse all of our Winnebago Hike units, click here.

Score Breakdown
  • Can be towed by most vehicles
  • Two cooktop burners
  • Many technology features
  • Queen size bed

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