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A Weekend With the Cruiser MPG 2750BH: An Honest Review

The Cruiser MPG 2750BH sparked my interest when I read its specifications, so I decided to take it out for a spin over the weekend with my friends. With an assortment of roomy floorplans, it’s built to easily accommodate a large family or group of friends.

Along with the space, the Cruiser MPG 2750BH also has heating and water tank capacities to make life comfortable on the road for a larger group. In this Cruiser MPG 2750BH review, I’ll share what to expect on your first trip, along with my favorite things about the cruiser.

First Look

Your first impression of the Cruiser MPG 2750BH is bound to be positive. Its exterior has a high-quality finish, while the interior is optimally designed for space and convenience. 

When you enter the cruiser, the first thing you’ll probably notice is the ceiling height. My six-foot-tall friend had no trouble getting into the RV or walking around. In fact, at 6′ 11″, the ceiling is one of the highest I have seen in an RV. 

Another notable thing about the vehicle is its design. Instead of cramming everything in the middle of the RV, the manufacturers have compartmentalized it perfectly. So, you have a lot of living and walking space. 

We were quick to take advantage of this spacious interior, playing games and doing our morning stretches without feeling cramped or bumping into each other. 


Before going into any detail about the interior, let me quickly go over the towability of this cruiser. With a hitch weight of 680 lbs, the cruiser makes towing a breeze compared to some other options.  

However, the Cruiser MPG 2750BH is 32′ 11″ long with a surface area of 271 sq. ft. With these dimensions, the cruiser can be challenging to maneuver through narrow streets. I’d suggest parking it at the campsite instead of driving it to explore smaller towns. 

More importantly, the cruiser is lightweight yet durable. This means it is built with quality materials but doesn’t sacrifice towability for durability. 

Cruiser MPG 2750BH Floor Plan 

Now that you’ve seen how the Cruiser MPG 2750BH is not only spacious, but also towable, let me take you through the floor plan. 

You’ll step into the cruiser through a three-step entryway. On the right, you’ll see the bedroom with a king-sized bed that has storage space on both sides. Plus, there is a full-belly storage system in this part of the RV. 

As you exit the bedroom, you enter the living room and kitchen space. The living room has a sofa that seats two and sleeps one, along with a dinette that can sleep another person. 

The TV is right across from the sofa and has storage underneath it. The kitchen has a big sink and an oven large enough to cook for several people. 

The bathroom is on the other corner of the RV. I loved the luxury of being able to bathe while on the road and might have gone a little overboard, enjoying not one, but two baths over the weekend. 

For even more sleeping space, the double bunk bed is next to the bathroom. Finally, there is an outside kitchen where we admittedly did most of our cooking since the weather was pleasant over the weekend. 

Cruiser MPG 2750BH Livability 

If you aren’t so lucky to have perfect weather, you’ll be just as comfortable inside the RV. The Cruiser MPG 2750BH is designed for ultimate livability and convenience. 

Along with the high ceilings I already mentioned, the RV also has a full-blown soundbar system, ample storage, and a large slide-out to make this cruiser extremely livable. Although we didn’t have any children in my group, I’m certain families will enjoy the RV as much as we did. 

Check out these specific features of the cruiser to explore its livability.

General Features 

Some general features of the cruiser that make it homey include:

  • Charging Stations: When five millennial friends travel together, there are many devices to charge. I was grateful for the number of charging stations in the cruiser. Since it has USB charging docks too, we could quickly charge our speakers.
  • ‌Shaw Carpets: Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you can’t have nice floors. The Shaw carpet was a highlight of the interior design for me since it was R2X stain-resistant. This detail is perfect for anyone who travels with kids or pets. 
  • ‌LED Lights: The living room and the bedroom storage have LED lighting. Apart from the fact that LED lighting is economical and eco-friendly, it also wins for its longevity. 
  • ‌Residential Cabinets: Another thing families will appreciate about this cruiser is that the residential cabinets are built with hardwood. Obviously, they provide a lot of storage, but they’re also long-lasting and relatively easy to clean. 


Situated conveniently on one side of the cruiser, the bedroom was the first room that caught my attention when I walked into the RV. Our super tall group member discussed earlier was ecstatic about the high bedroom ceiling since he didn’t bump his head when he woke up abruptly. 

Secondly, the 72″ x 80″ king bed is a generous size for everyone, regardless of their height. Plus, the baggage doors in the bedroom have magnetic latches. This is another feature I appreciated since RV cabinet doors often come loose and bang around while you’re driving. 

Even better, the bedroom has pass-through storage. This was perfect for keeping all our accessories and clothes organized and easy to get to. And, it’s LED-lit, so you don’t have to rummage through your belongings in the dark. 

Heating and Cooling 

Whether you plan on camping in the desert or the mountains, the cruiser is built to keep you comfy. It features a 13,500 BTU air conditioner and a six-gallon DSI electric/gas water heater.  

Though we didn’t have to use the air conditioner on our trip, I was curious to see if it could cool the entire RV. Once I turned it on, it cooled the whole space rapidly. The heater likewise quickly heated the space to a comfortable temperature.

If you’re not a fan of artificial cooling, the windows in the living room allow you to get some fresh air. 


No exaggeration, but the kitchen in the Cruiser MPG 2750BH is better than what you would find in some small apartments. Its open design allowed more than one person to be in the kitchen at a time.

The 10.7 cubic foot double-door refrigerator kept all my drinks cold for the weekend while also being large enough to store our food for meals. The cabinets were also spacious enough to hold everything my group of five needed for our weekend getaway.  

An extra perk is that the stove has three burners, which meant I could fix myself a cup of green tea while my buddy made ramen. 

Yet another detail I liked was the high-rise kitchen faucet. Since we planned on cooking one large meal for everyone, we bought a large pot, and it fits under the faucet without a problem.

Cruiser MPG 2750BH Optional Features 

While the standard features of the Cruiser MPG 2750BH are pretty optimal, some travelers may have different preferences. Here are some optional features you can add to your cruiser: 

  • LED TV
  • Bumper Mount LP BBQ grill
  • 50 amp service
  • 2nd 14.5k BTU A/C (requires 50 amp service)
  • Power tongue jack
  • A free-standing table in place of dinette (some models)

Personally, I would have fancied a BBQ grill, but the outdoor kitchen gave me all the feels. 

My Favorite Features 

My favorite feature of the Cruiser MPG 2750BH is how well-made the exterior is. This is because I want my RV to look good on the road for a long time. This RV boasts a complete aluminum construction. My first instinct was to clap, but I decided to talk about it here instead for fear of my buddies embarrassing me. 

The thing about aluminum is that it’s flexible, lightweight, and durable yet strong. It’s also resistant to corrosion and has high thermal efficiency. As a result, you don’t need to use a lot of extra energy since the heat stays inside the cruiser for a longer amount of time. 

Apart from the exterior build, my second favorite thing about the Cruiser MPG 2750BH is the four-speaker soundbar system coupled with the exterior wall-mount speakers with LED lights. Most RVs just give you a TV, and that is it. But the Cruiser MPG 2750BH sets you up for both indoor and outdoor entertainment. 

Final Verdict 

For me, the Cruiser MPG 2750BH checks all the boxes. It’s livable, well-designed, spacious, and has essential amenities for the modern traveler, such as charging ports and a sound system. 

However, I would not suggest it for smaller families due to its enormous size. But if you’re a “more the merrier” type of vacationer, take the cruiser for a weekend getaway. You can get started by choosing your floor plan

Four Similar RV Models:

  • Grand Design Transcend Xplor
  • Coachmen Catalina Legacy Edition
  • Palomino River Ranch 390RL
  • Newmar Canyon Star

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