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Adventuring With the Riverside Retro 190BH: A 5-Point Review

The Riverside RV Retro 190BH is a traveling family’s dream. If you’ve been looking for a lightweight, towable trailer so your family can get out and have adventures, then it may be just what you have been looking for. Built with a nostalgic nod to travel trailer’s beginnings, the 1950s, it certainly looks like it could have come out of that era. Looks can be deceiving, however. Underneath all of this trailer’s “good old days” looks is a heart filled with innovation and modern conveniences. 

Manufactured with family in mind, the Retro 190BH can sleep six comfortably with the optional Murphy bed. During the waking hours, there is enough space for all six to sit comfortably. It features bunk beds, a bathtub, and an 11-foot power awning with LED lighting so you can send the kids outside even when the weather is bad. Let’s take a look at all the things this trailer has to offer. 

Riverside Retro Design 

The Riverside RV Retro 190BH was designed as if manufactured in the 1950s. Everything from the exterior color choices, including seafoam, aqua, and orange, to the dinette and kitchen design and colors, will take those old enough to remember back to a simpler time. 

However, it was constructed using the lighter and safer materials common in trailers today. These trailers are constructed by craftsmen using the highest quality materials and are designed to last for years. This includes a powder-coated chassis, a double-welded aluminum cage for lightweight strength, and a PVC roof membrane. 

While it may look like it was transported from a different era, this trailer is filled with modern conveniences. In the kitchen area, you will find a two-door, full-sized refrigerator/freezer powered by either gas or electricity, a two or three-burner cookstove, and a microwave. In most models, you will find the dinette across from the stove and microwave. 

The bathroom has a full tub with a showerhead, a full-sized bathroom sink, a full-sized medicine cabinet, and a vent with a fan. The spacious tanks can hold 39 gallons of fresh water, 32 gallons of greywater, and 17 gallons of black water. 

The exterior offers surprising design features as well. In addition to the 11-foot awning (which can be opened and closed with the push of a button), there is an outside shower so you won’t track in dirt from the day’s fun into the living area, three spacious storage compartments, and an optional attached BBQ grill. 


While we all enjoy getting away from home, that does not mean we want to give up all of the comforts of home. Traveling with the Riverside RV Retro 190BH means you won’t have to. 

This trailer comes standard with AM/FM/Bluetooth radio and speakers both inside and outside. Whether you want relaxing music to listen to while watching the fire, party music to entertain guests, or children’s show tunes to sing along with your kids, you are never out of earshot. You can also enjoy an optional HDTV with an antenna for those days when the great outdoors is not so inviting. 

The dinette provides ample seating for games, chatting, watching TV, and of course, eating. The 11-foot lighted awning also makes gathering outside the trailer a realistic option, regardless of the weather or time of day. 

The full-sized tub is a rarity in the RV traveler’s world, and it makes trailer life feel just a bit more like home. It is big enough for adults to soak away a hard day’s hike and accessible enough to wash the kids in safely. With enough pressure to feel like a real shower, the included shower head is a nice touch as well.

When the day is finally over, and it’s time to settle down, the comfortable, adult-sized beds are just the thing you need for the restful night’s sleep you will need to tackle the next day’s activities. With a queen-sized bed at one end of the trailer and a separate bunk room for privacy at the other, you can send the kids to bed and still enjoy some alone time with your spouse. 

Come morning. you will be ready to fix a full breakfast in your fully functional kitchen with an optional microwave. The large refrigerator means you won’t need to make as many runs to the store for perishable items and a separate freezer compartment means plenty of ice for your drinks and ice cream for dessert. The foldaway countertop gives you extra space for food prep without permanently using up precious space. 

Riverside RV Retro 190BH - RV Layout
Riverside RV Retro 190BH – RV Layout


The first question many people ask when inquiring about a new trailer model is, “How much storage does it have?” It is a reasonable question since storage is always at a premium in trailers. The Retro 190BH does a good job of preserving active living space while providing ample storage

You will find three storage compartments on the exterior, one on each side and in the rear. These are spacious enough to stow away your folding table and chairs, luggage, or anything else you need to keep secure and out of the way. 

There is a bedside cabinet beside the queen-sized bed and drawers or open storage underneath, depending on the floor plan and options you choose. Above the dinette, you will find two spacious cabinets and ample storage areas under each bench seat.

In the kitchen area, there is a cabinet above the sink and additional storage underneath it. If you choose to have a cooktop without an oven, storage drawers are located under the cooktop. 

There is a medicine cabinet in the bathroom large enough to store all of your medicines and first aid supplies. Under the sink is a large storage area to hold towels and cleaning supplies. 

Towing and Set-Up 

The Retro 190BH is a lightweight, one-axle trailer weighing around 4000 pounds. It is aerodynamically designed to reduce drag and prevent it from pulling in crosswinds. It has electronic braking to prevent it from pushing your vehicle at stops or while going downhill. The axle is near the rear of the trailer to prevent seesawing, which means less bouncing around and a more secure grip on the road.  It features bracing jacks at both ends, so set up and balancing is fast and easy. The quick-connect gas line provides a secure connection without hassle or fear of leaks. The water and electrical hookups are easy to reach and connect.

Favorite Features and Options of the Riverside Retro

With so many great features and optional add-ons, this Retro 190BH review cannot possibly name them all. Here are just a few that are sure to be your favorites as well. 

Standard Features 

  • Full-sized spare tire: This may not seem like a favorite, but you will surely appreciate it if you get a flat while on the road. 
  • Lighted power awning: Extends your living space with the simple touch of a button, and the attached LED lights make it functional at any time of day. 
  • Range hood: Includes a light and an exhaust fan, which is nice to have when cooking in a confined space.  
  • Pull-out steps: Easy to set up, always level regardless of the ground beneath them, and sturdy enough to take kids pounding up and down, these are one more feature you may not appreciate until you need them. 

Optional Features for the Riverside Retro

  • HDTV: The perfect thing to keep kids occupied on a rainy day or help the adults wind down after a busy one. 
  • Fireplace: This is cool, even if it might not be practical in all situations. 
  • Murphy bed: This allows you to sleep two extra people comfortably. 
  • Pull-out flat-top grill: This comes in its own exterior storage compartment. It is easy to pull out and allows you to cook outside under the awning. 
  • Solar-ready: The option of powering your trailer with solar panels opens up the areas where you choose to set it up. Solar power allows you to enjoy many of the comforts of home, like air conditioning, lighting, and refrigeration, even if you don’t have an outside electricity source. 
  • High-quality insulation: Radiant barrier insulation makes it possible for you to travel comfortably even in extreme temperatures.

The Best of the Best 

Riverside RV has earned a reputation for being one of the best trailer manufacturers because they design and build high-quality, innovative trailers that RVers love. The Retro 190BH is one of their most popular single-axle models, with good reason. 

The Retro 190BH is a trailer with a classic appearance and filled with modern-day conveniences and innovative thinking. It is perfectly designed for young families on the go or grandparents who want to spend quality time with their grandkids. It is comfortable enough to keep you relaxed and functional enough to keep you happy.  Easy to tow, set up, and break down, the Retro 190BH allows you to start and end your adventure on a positive note so you can preserve all the great memories in between.

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