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A Riverside Retro 231EABH Review

The Riverside Retro 231EABH combines fun and convenience to make your getaways safe and enjoyable. From the 15-foot power awning to the full bath, the amenities in this travel trailer are worth the hype. 

But the one thing that makes this six-sleeper travel trailer different from others is its nostalgic, classic design, allowing you to experience a blast from the past. Moreover, the intelligent design combined with several entertainment options makes this trailer perfect for families traveling with kids or pets. 

Riverside also provides customization options such as solar panels, a fireplace, and even a BBQ grill. In this Riverside Retro 231EABH review, we discuss the trailer’s design, livability, and driving ease.

Keep reading if you’ve had your eye on the Riverside Retro 231EABH for a while and need a walkthrough to decide on purchasing it. 


One of the most attractive things about the Riverside Retro 231EABH is its design. The classic 1950s design is bound to make older family members take a trip down memory lane. 

While the appearance may be old-school, the quality is up to modern standards. The trailer’s construction guarantees longevity, making it your road companion for years to come. 

Moreover, the powder-coated chassis and PVC roof membrane protects the vehicle from the weather and everything else that comes your way on the road. The Riverside Retro 231EABH is available in two interior colors: riverside maple and birch.

When it comes to the exterior color, you have a wide range of choices, including white, black, silver, aqua, seafoam green, indigo blue, royal blue, red, Penske yellow, and orange. 

All of Riverside’s Retro trailers are inspected at Rain Bay to ensure the vehicles are free of leaks and other issues. As a result, you get a top-notch RV with no design hiccups.


The 231EABH is quite liveable with its spacious interior and amenities. The exterior is also built for comfort with the 15-foot power awning that offers protection from the sun and rain. Once you’ve reached a campsite, you can put it out and watch the little ones playing outside or riding their bikes.

Meanwhile, the bathroom has a full bath, which is something that’s lacking in most travel trailers.

Just outside the bathroom is a closet to store towels and toiletries. As for the bedroom, there’s a Murphy bed with a sofa, and double bunks on the opposite side of the trailer. But if you don’t have any additional guests, you can simply flip up the bunk beds to free up more floor space.

Even better, there are two kitchen spaces in the Riverside Retro 231EABH. The inside kitchen comes with a refrigerator and a three-burner cooktop. The exterior kitchen is perfect for those pleasant days when you want to prepare your meals while enjoying a good view.

This Retro also has a U-shaped dinette where the whole family can sit together to enjoy meals or game nights.

Other forms of entertainment include Bluetooth stereo and outside speakers, so you can play your music during your favorite activities.

Another great thing about the Riverside Retro 231EABH that makes it liveable for outdoor enthusiasts is the outside shower. Before you get into the vehicle, you can wash the dirt off yourself and your shoes.

Riverside also offers customization options that you can add to the trailer to make it more suitable for your preferences.


The storage space in the Riverside Retro 231EABH isn’t as impressive as some other trailers with similar floorplans, but it’s still sufficient for a small family. The bathroom has its own storage space for clean towels and other necessities, and there is also a wardrobe with drawers.

Plus, if you don’t have six people on board, the bunk beds can be flipped up, creating a ton of space to keep all your belongings. Meanwhile, the kitchen cabinets provide additional space.


With its 5,400 lbs dry weight, the Riverside Retro 231EABH can be towed around without much of a hassle. Plus, its exterior length of 26′ 3″ and the 14″ tire size make driving and maneuverability on narrow roads somewhat easier. Its relatively compact dimensions reduce the challenges of finding space for your RV.

Favorite Features of the Riverside Retro 231EABH

The Riverside Retro 231EABH has a genuine nostalgic appeal, from the vibrant colors to the checkered black-and-white flooring. This vintage look is one of my favorite things about Riverside Retro 231EABH.

Another feature that particularly impressed me was the attention to detail on the exterior amenities. For example, the Riverside Retro 231EABH has an outside shower, which you won’t often find in RVs.

Plus, there’s a customization option to add an outdoor kitchen, which is perfect for families who love a BBQ.

The Riverside Retro 231EABH has many other family-friendly and road-friendly features that make it great for short adventures or life on the road. Here are some notable features of the Riverside Retro 231EABH:

Double Welded All-Aluminum Cage: Aluminum is not only versatile but also relatively lightweight, which is just what you need to keep a travel trailer steady on the road. Plus, it’s corrosion-resistant and allows the vehicle to last for years to come.

Powder-Coated Chassis: A powder-coated chassis provides an excellent finish to the aluminum frame. On top of that, it protects the metal from wear and tear. The powder-coating used in this travel trailer is resistant to wearing out, fading, chipping, and scratching.

Tinted Safety Glass Windows: Tinted windows in RVs are always good news because they protect your furniture from fading due to excessive sun exposure. They also save energy and money, along with added safety in case of damage. More importantly, they provide you privacy in RV parks.

PVC Roof Membrane: If you’re going to be on the road in all kinds of weather conditions, you need to have a reliable roof. PVC membrane is water-resistant. Plus, the trailer’s roof can withstand ponding—the condition where water puddles on the roof. The PVC roof is also resistant to plant roots, bacteria, and mold.

Outside Shower: Having an outdoor shower means you can keep the dirt outside and keep your living space clean. Furthermore, it’s helpful if you’re traveling with pets and don’t want to give them a bath in the inside bathroom.

Spare Tire: The spare tire comes in handy if you have an unforeseen incident on the road.

DSI Gas/Electric Water Heater: If you’re traveling in the winter, a water heater proves to be a godsend, especially for the shower.

Gas/Electric Refrigerator: It reliably keeps all your perishable items safe.

Power Awning with LED Light Strip (N/A 166): The awning keeps excessive heat and moisture out.

● Interior and Exterior LED Lighting: Lots of lights keep your RV visible and alert other drivers on the road to your presence.

AM/FM/Bluetooth Stereo: There’s always more room for indoor entertainment.

Inside/Outside Speakers: Whether you want to listen to your favorite artist or jam to a classic track while you sip your coffee, the speakers will set the vibe.

HD TV Antenna: More entertainment on the go.

● Smoke and CO Detectors: The Riverside Retro 231EABH has smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to keep you and your family safe in case of a fire or CO poisoning.

Optional Features

Depending on your taste and preferences, you can opt for the following additional features in the travel trailer:

● Solid Surface Kitchen Countertops


● Fireplace with Remote (where available)

● Exterior BBQ Grill

● Pull Out Flat Top Grill (190 BH)

● Dinette Option (135)

● Outside Kitchen (265RB)

● Ultra Lo/Pro 13.5k A/C 4″ Drop

● 3″ Lift with All Terrain Tires

● Lo/Pro 13.5k A/C 2″ Drop

● Aluminum Wheels (Single or Tandem Axle)

● Radiant Barrier Insulation

● Heartland Queen Mattress

● Murphy Bed (193)

● 12 Volt 10 Cu Ft Refrigerator

● Solar Ready—2-100w Panels W/30a Controller

Ready to Try the Riverside Retro 231EABH?

To wrap up this Riverside Retro 231EABH review, it’s a vintage-looking trailer with all the amenities a modern traveler could want. The manufacturers have given equal attention to convenience, safety, privacy, and comfort, making the trailer an excellent companion for on-the-go families.

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