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The Cruiser MPG 2600RB Trailer: A Front-to-Back Overview

At a quick glance, the Cruiser MPG 2600RB is a spacious trailer that can easily sleep up to five people. The first thing that anyone would notice about this trailer is the strategic and smart floor plan.

Although the trailer has everything you could possibly need, it does not feel congested even though it has a sizeable well-made kitchen and a king bed. Moreover, there is ample room for walking or playing if you have kids on board.

The Cruiser MPG 2600RB is ideal for small families or friends who love adventure and road thrill. In this Cruiser MPG 2600RB review, we take a look at the exterior and interior features of the trailer, along with the additional specs you can add.

Cruiser MPG 2600RB Floor Plan

As you enter the trailer, the first room you come across is the bathroom on your left. It has a functioning toilet with a sink and a linen closet. Next to it is the sitting room with a sofa and dinette where you can have meals with your family.

The kitchen is equipped with a three-burner stove, storage, double-door refrigerator, sink, and a countertop for food prep. At the other end of the trailer is the bedroom with a king-sized bed and extra storage.

Although seemingly simple, the floor plan accommodates a small family quite comfortably. You can also choose a free-standing table in some models instead of the dinette to make more space in the kitchen area.

The only shortcoming we found in the floor plan was the absence of a TV. However, you can get it as an optional feature.

Cruiser MPG 2600RB Features

The Cruiser MPG 2600RB has several exterior and interior features that make it an attractive choice for anyone planning to be on the road for a few days.

Interior Features

Here are some notable interior features of the Cruiser MPG 2600RB:

LED Interior Lighting: The LED lighting creates a cozy ambiance in the trailer. Moreover, it has a longer lifespan, higher efficiency, improved environmental performance, no UV emissions, and low voltage operation.

Residential-style Furniture: The free-standing furniture in the trailer is quite similar to what you are used to at home.

Accent Walls: The designer accent walls add a nice touch to the trailer’s aesthetic.

Shaw Carpet: The shaw carpet in the trailer comes with R2X stain-resistant treatment. Even if your kids get up to some mischief or you accidentally spill something, there will not be much to worry about.

Multiple Charging Stations: The trailer has USB and 12v charging ports for all your electronics.

Cruiser MPG Exterior Features

The trailer also has many exterior features that allow it to withstand the harshness vehicles experience on the road.

Platinum Fiberglass Build: The trailer boasts a fiberglass exterior finish. Fiberglass is not corrosion-resistant but also does not distort due to high temperatures. It also provides good structural strength to the vehicle.

30″ Entry Door: The main entry door is wide and tall enough to allow easy entry and exit.

Exterior Wall Mount Speakers: Planning to start a bonfire at the campsite? The trailer’s exterior speakers will provide background music for your conversations.

LED Awning Light: The LED awning light consumes less electricity and lasts a long time.

Kitchen Features

Many trailers and RVs often lack integral kitchen features, but the Cruiser MPG 2600RB is quite impressive in this regard.

Hardwood Cabinet Doors: The cabinet doors feature framed hardwood. They are resistant to splashing and will last for years to come.

High-Rise Faucet: Having a high-rise faucet means you can put large bowls and pans in the sink.

Double-Door Refrigerator: The double-door refrigerator is big enough to hold all your drinks and food ingredients.

Storage Features

The Cruiser MPG 2600RB trailer has two main storage options:

Baggage Doors: The slam latch baggage doors in the Cruiser MPG 2600RB have magnetic latches. So, during trips, your belongings will not be falling onto the floor due to malfunctioning locks or latches.

Pass-Thru Storage: The pass-thru storage is also LED-lit, making it easier to find what you are looking for even at night.

Heat, Power, and Water Features

To ensure standard living conditions, the trailer has these power and water features:

● Dual ducted 14.5 BTU A/C

● Six gal DSI gas/electric water heater

● Black tank flush

Optional Features

Depending on your specific needs, you can get the following optional features in the Cruiser MPG 2600RB:

● 2nd 14.5k BTU A/C (requires 50 amp service)

● Power tongue jack

● A free-standing table in place of dinette (some models)

● Bumper Mount LP BBQ grill

● 50 amp service


Key Tips for Buying an RV

Buying an RV can be a substantial financial investment, so you should be well-prepared for the purchase. Here are some tips to make an informed decision:

Know what you need. There is no point in spending money on an RV that is too big for you or limiting yourself with one that is too small. Weigh your options and decide which kind of RV you need.

Choose reliable dealers. Make sure you are only purchasing an RV from a reputable dealer. RV ClickBuy offers your exclusive access to RVs earlier in the production line through credible dealers.

Ensure it is inspected. If you are buying an RV from a dealer, you need to ensure it is 100% safe to be taken on the road. Ask the dealer about proof of inspection and servicing.

Read reviews. If you like an RV’s floor plan, read its reviews before making the purchase. As a novice, you might have missed spotting a flaw that an expert enthusiast may have discussed in the reviews.

Try a rental first. If it is your first time buying an RV and you are uncertain about the purchase, start by renting one. If you think it is working out for you, only then buy an RV.

Wrapping Up

The Cruiser MPG 2600RB may not be for travelers who need a literal home on wheels with a full-blown entertainment system, a shower, and a TV.

But it is undoubtedly a good investment for small groups or families who do not plan on spending too long on the road and only need the basic living necessities.

Four Similar Trailers

● Winnebago Hike

● Jayco White Hawk

● Cruiser RV Embrace

● Rockwood GEO Pro

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