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The Tab 400 Offers A Lot: Here’s Everything To Know

What is the TAB 400?

The TAB 400 is our answer to the question, “How large can an RV be, while still remaining lightweight?” By building such a spacious model, we’ve exceeded expectations for what a teardrop can achieve.

With all the features necessary to make your adventures comfortable, the TAB 400 should feel like taking a piece of home with you whenever you hit the road.

Who is the TAB 400 for?

The TAB 400 suits the traveler who loves the aesthetic of the teardrop trailer but wants a little more space inside to move around. It’s ideal for those who want to go out for extended camping road trips. After all, most of us tend to grow tired of pitching a tent by the second week in the great outdoors.

With the TAB 400, a small family can hit the road without needing to invest in a larger caravan or RV. That’s because the TAB 400 has a dining area that can convert into a second sleeping area. Two adults can comfortably tuck into the queen-size bed, while another adult or a child will have ample space to sleep, too.

Nucamp Tab 400

What are the Specs of the TAB 400? 

The TAB 400 teardrop camper packs in a lot of features. A dedicated queen-size sleeping area offers plenty of space for rest after a long day on hiking trails. But while you’re cozy in bed and enjoying some privacy, you’ll be able to look up at the stars courtesy of the large TAB 400’s stargazer window. 

A spacious wet bath features a sink, toilet, and space to store your toiletries. It also has a showerhead and a drain installed in the floor so you can close the door and take a shower. 

A galley kitchen work surface sits alongside the sleeping area and opposite the fridge/freezer. Use the sink for washing up or place the cover over it for extra worktop space. Choose between the hob and microwave to cook your meal. Enjoy the view out of the window while you use the kitchen. 

The dinette is a comfy spot to lounge. The seats are padded and long, ideal for relaxing during a rainy afternoon. The curved dining table/office workspace sits between them. Before bedtime, simply lay the extra padded cushion across the table and your second sleeping space is made. 

Space inside the TAB 400 has been optimized, so there’s plenty of storage space tucked away into corners. The fridge/freezer gives you ample room for fresh groceries. A wardrobe sits opposite the kitchen sink, and there are plenty of cupboards in the kitchen space. 

When building the TAB 400, nuCamp had energy efficiency in mind. This smart trailer utilizes solar power by way of the panels discreetly built into a section of the roof. The trailer operates on dual 110 power and there’s access to USB ports throughout the interior. 

When our team builds a TAB 400, we make sure the buyer has ample choices about its style. Choose between the classic Tempest graphic, sleek Accent Line, or Frontier design with its mountain silhouettes. Decide which trim color suits your personality best— bright white, steel gray, jet black, or harvest red? And then there’s the sidewall color— will you go for white, silver, or charcoal? Even the interior can be customized, with gray or birch accent panels throughout the trailer. Simply mix and match to suit your own preferences. 

What Options are there to Upgrade the TAB 400? 

The classic TAB 400 has two available options— choose from a two-way fridge, at 2.3 cubic feet, or a three-way fridge, at 3.7 cubic feet. 

Besides the ways you can customize the design of your trailer, you can also upgrade to the Boondock package edition. This special package is tailored to off-road excursions. If you prefer to spend time up in the mountains, traversing rocky roads on your way, the TAB 400 Boondock can get you there. 

The whole of the Boondock trailer’s design is built to be extra robust. This package comes with 15″ sport rims and aggressive off-road tires to handle any bumps you need to cross over. Expect a heavy-duty entry doorstep and pitched axle for maximum protection against the elements. The Boondock even comes with its own signature entry handle and graphics, plus a handy utility platform. 

Our Tips for First-Time RV Buyers

We’ve covered many of the TAB 400’s brilliant features, but if you’re a first-time buyer looking for a recreational vehicle, it may have all seemed a little overwhelming. Let us help you get your thoughts in order. Here are our top tips for first-time RV buyers!

Consider your needs and set a budget

Who will you be traveling with in your new RV? How long will you travel at a time? Get a clear idea of what your intentions are for your trailer. You’ll then be able to go to RV viewings with some knowledge of both the features you’d really like to have in an RV and the layouts that just won’t work for your plans. Consider your budget before viewing RVs, too. Stay realistic about what you can afford and get accustomed to roughly which features and sizes of RV are in your price bracket. 

Rent one before you buy one

It’s tempting to rush headfirst into purchasing an RV of your own. Wisely, many future RV owners rent an RV for a trip or two before they buy their own. Renting an RV provides unique insight into how you function day-to-day living the RV life. You’ll get a definite picture of both your non-negotiable wish list and the features you thought you wanted but would actually be willing to sacrifice. You’ll be able to test-drive an RV and decide if you still want to buy one. 

Speak to current RV owners

Many people dream of life on the road or weekends away from home in a trailer. However, nothing is more valuable than speaking to people who have real-life experience of living in a teardrop trailer, caravan, converted van, or large RV. They know the ins and outs of daily life traveling with a trailer. They’ll be able to help you set realistic expectations and provide handy insight for what you should consider when you shop. 

To browse our Nucamp Tab 400, click here.

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