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A Review of the 2022 Heartland Trail Runner 211RD

When choosing an RV for road trips and weekend getaways, it’s important that you get all the facts to make an informed decision. This is a complete inside and outside look at the 2022 Heartland Trail Runner 211RD RV. We’re going to be looking at the specifications, features, and equipment that make up this Heartland RV. 

The Exterior

For a complete rundown of the 2022 Heartland Trail Runner, we’re going to look at the exterior in separate parts so that you can get the complete picture of what this RV looks like and comes with. We’ll get into the nitty-gritty specifications and all the fun features that make camping in an RV a wonderful and memorable experience.

The Specifications

Starting off, the 2022 Heartland Trail Runner is a trailer RV. This means that you need an SUV or pickup truck to hitch it to in order to take this 4,200 pound RV on the road. 

The 211RD is quite spacious. It measures 26 feet long, nearly 9 feet wide, and 11 feet tall. With this size in mind, it makes sense that the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is 7,600 pounds, leaving you with a lot of wiggle room when it comes to filling the interior of this RV with hiking gear, entertainment, and your loved ones.

This Heartland RV comes with secure entry steps that have extra-large handles for safety, making it easy to come and go when out in the great outdoors. It even features rain guttering for when those rainy days keep you inside all day. 

For times when you’re on the move, the RV has completely upgraded axles with electric brakes and molded fender skirts so that your travels on the road are as seamless and safe as possible. 

Outdoor Living Features

Whether you’re camping or at an event, it’s nice to be able to enjoy the outdoors with friends and loved ones, especially while having access to activities. This RV comes outfitted with blue LED-lit outdoor speakers and a power awning that also comes with LED lights. It transforms into the perfect outdoor hangout spot with access to an outdoor kitchen griddle.  

Travel and Maintenance Features

All-in-all, this RV is compact, light, and aerodynamic. Hitching and towing will be a breeze for long trips, as this RV comes with a hybrid aluminum front profile, which means you can say goodbye to bumpy rides. This feature is ideal for wind and water deflection. 

To top it all off, this RV is a mammoth when it comes to storage on the interior and exterior. Wherever you need storage, there’s a place for it in this Heartland RV. 

The Interior

No Heartland RV review is complete without a complete breakdown of the interior features. These modern farmhouse interior features are made with your comfort in mind so that you don’t have to sacrifice any home convenience while you’re out on the road. 

Sleeping Quarters

This Heartland RV can sleep three to four people comfortably when you opt for optional sleeping additions. The RV comes with a master suite that features a roomy, queen-sized bed. The master suite also features beautiful, oversized wardrobes for all your clothes, linens, and more. 

You can also enjoy built-in CPAP storage, an uncommon feature. Traveling on the road can be difficult when you don’t have access to the comforts and necessities that you have at home, but with this added amenity, you don’t have to limit your travels due to health needs. 

You can also store plenty of games, clothes, food, hiking gear, and more in the bedroom. There’s storage space above, underneath, and to the sides of the bed. There’s even a place for you to hook up your TV, so you’ll never miss a game.


A lot of RVs on the market look dated and out of place. The 211RD, though, is not like other RVs. 

This RV comes with upgraded, pressed countertops and beautiful woodgrain flooring. The kitchen area comes with tall backsplashes, stainless steel appliances and sink, a large microwave and oven with a stovetop, and a wonderfully sized refrigerator. 

The finishes are crisp, clean, and modern, so you won’t feel like you’re stuck in a 1960s van. 

Trail Runner Kitchen and Dinning set 211RD
Trail Runner Kitchen and Dinning Set


This RV features a dining booth that can come with a fold-up sleeping quarter if you decide to purchase an upgrade. Throughout the seating area, you’ll find LED lighting and the perfect amount of space for all your meals, late-night talks, or game nights. It’s situated right next to the rear windows, which come with standard roller shades for when you want a little bit of privacy. 


Some RVs don’t come with a bathroom, but the 2022 Heartland Trail Runner does. Right off the bedroom is the included bathroom unit, which comes with a power vent, full shower, sink, and foot-flush toilet. The shower is an ABS tub/shower so that no water comes splashing out. You’ll also enjoy the included shower curtain and towel ring for your convenience. 

The bathroom also features a skylight so that you can have some natural light for your shower or gaze up at the night sky when you’re handling your business. 

No more cheaply built RVs. This one comes with a hook-up for city water, a water system kit for winter, a water heater bypass, and an enclosed, heated, freshwater tank for all your water and plumbing needs. 

Safety Features

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. This RV, though, comes with the latest in standard safety equipment and features. If there’s a leak or missing connection, this RV has a propane alarm and carbon monoxide alarm to alert you to any silent killers. 

For those nights that you’re feeling a little uneasy about your neighbors in camp, this RV has a strong deadbolt lock on the entrance door. 

If you can’t attend to your cooking because nature calls, there’s a smoke alarm built-in to let you know that you’ve burnt your food. 

If you need to get out fast, the windows can easily be opened for your quick exit. 

Travel with Heartland

With this Heartland Trail Runner review, it’s clear to see that this RV is more than capable of handling all of your road trip and camping needs. From ample storage to unique customizations and upgrades, the 2022 Heartland Trail Runner 211RD RV is the closest thing to perfect. How will you use this RV?

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