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Everything You Need to Know When Buying Your 1st RV

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge into the world of RVing, and you couldn’t be more excited! Of course, while enjoying the process of buying an RV is important, so is making sure you don’t overlook any important details when you’re determining which one is best for you. 

Figuring out what you need to know before buying an RV can be daunting, but we’ve made it easier with this quick guide. As you get closer to making this adventurously awesome purchase, ask yourself — and any other important people involved — these key questions:

How big is your family?

It’s important to consider who you’ll be traveling with throughout the entirety of the time you plan on owning your RV to choose the most efficient and cost-effective one for you. 


Do you have any right now? Do you have plans for any in the near future? Do any of the people you might travel with or invite on trips have kids? 

The bottom line is this: if there will be children in or around your RV, you need to ensure that there are enough secure places for them to sleep, as well as age-appropriate safety features in place in both the cabin and the doghouse. If you’ve got a larger family, consider where they can all be secured if you choose a trailer or fifth wheel that you’ll have to tow. 


Traveling with pets brings a whole different layer to buying an RV, as certain needs and accommodations must be met for their safety and well-being throughout the course of your trip. Will you be stopping often to let a pet out to go to the bathroom? Does your pet experience motion sickness? Knowing the ins and outs of what daily travel and rest periods will look like can reduce stress and make it a lot easier to plan accordingly.

Friends and Visitors

Are you and yours the kind of travelers who always have the afterparty end at their place and need the room of a Class A? Or are you the kind that loves getting to know other people and retiring to the cozy comfort of your Class C? Considering what social gatherings might look like on your trips or who you might invite along on future ones can help determine what size RV is best for your travel style.

What will you be towing your RV with — if at all?

Maybe the idea of towing something behind you sounds very unappealing, and you love the idea of being part of the action in the cab, or maybe you’d be more than happy to escape to the truck and focus on the road ahead while everyone else hangs out together in the cabin. 

In the former case, it is essential that, when buying an RV, you make sure its chassis is built sturdily by a trusted manufacturer and that you feel comfortable with the power it provides; in the case of the latter, you need to be certain your vehicle is properly equipped to handle towing the RV you choose without worry. 

Where are some locations you would love to go RVing?

When you think about being in your RV and enjoying your time on the road traveling, where are you? What beautiful scenery, sounds, or smells are in the background? Think about what you might want the next chapter of your travel life to look like and get closer to the right choice by asking yourself questions like these: 

  • Next Year: Who have you been planning to see? What are some potential trips you’ve already thought about taking?
  • Next Five Years: Who else will be in or around your family? Where do you want to be financially when it comes to travel?
  • Next Ten Years: How do you anticipate your life or family needs changing? Where do you absolutely need to visit?

Some RVs can’t travel on certain roads or get to certain places because of their large size, but the same goes for smaller RVs that might not have the horsepower for steep inclines. Envisioning where you want to travel and why you want to go there can help bring you closer to making the right choice for any near future or upcoming trips you want to take. 

What is your budget for buying an RV?

Imagining all of the fun places you’ll get to go and the amazing landscapes you’ll get to see might feel financially out of reach, but if there’s one thing for sure, it’s that there is likely an RV for you at RVClickBuy — even if you’re on a budget. Though buying an RV is a purchase you can’t take lightly, it doesn’t have to be one that feels overwhelming or stressful. 


We offer financing on top brands, including Coachmen, Forest River, Palomino, and Winnebago — and you can add in your accessories, apparel, and insurance, too. It can be a pain to fill out a bunch of paperwork and go to the bank several times in order to get the help you need, so we’ve made it fast and easy to apply on our site. 


Aside from banks, if you’ve got a close family member or friend that you trust, asking them for a loan can be an option if both parties involved feel comfortable with it. Remember, though: a written contract is crucial if you decide to go this route, as verbal or implicit contracts are not legally binding. 

How often will you want to travel in your RV?

Depending on how you see traveling in your RV playing a role in your life, you can align your ultimate choice with what seems to check the most boxes for your overall needs.

Buying your first RV is not something to do without a great deal of thought and consideration — and we take your need to know what to know before buying an RV to heart. 

Shop top brands from the comfort of your home, let us deliver your choice to your driveway and be confident that you can reach out to our customer service professionals for help whenever you need it. 

No matter what RV adventures you want to have, RVClickBuy is here for you every step of the way. 

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