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Jayco RVs: Built for Exploration

What comes to mind when you think of freedom? Maybe you’re soaking in the summer sun on a beach or smelling the crisp air in the mountains. Maybe freedom means nothing more than spending time with family and friends, simply enjoying one another’s company next to a warm campfire, and laughing under the stars. 

Traveling in an RV can allow you to experience all of those things and more, but figuring out what type of RV is best for you can be a daunting first task. As you begin to look through all the many styles, makes, and models, it’s imperative to find a brand you can trust and an RV that you can feel at home in — even when you’re on the road.

With their research-backed designs and inventive interiors, Jayco RVs have been helping individuals and families find their freedom for decades. See if this is the right brand for you. 

Interior of a Jayco Eagle HT travel trailer

What Makes Jayco RVs Special?

In 1968, Jayco RVs were born. What started as a prototype lifter system and passion project for Lloyd and Bertha Bontrager quickly became an industry game-changer. Over five decades, they’ve grown a reputation as one of the best in the travel industry, building over a million carefully designed units, all with exploration and adventure in mind. Continually committed to quality, comfort, and safety, Jayco is the world’s largest privately held RV manufacturer. 

RVClickBuy is proud to offer a wide range of Jayco RVs — including their best-selling travel trailers — to fit the needs of all kinds of travelers.

What Models Does Jayco offer?

Jayco has an RV for just about every type of traveler, whether you’re on your own or part of a big family. If you’re looking for something more compact, you may want to look at their Class C models or toy haulers. For something larger, you’ll want to consider a Class A model or fifth wheels that you can effortlessly attach to your pickup. Jayco offer the following types of models, all found at competitive rates on RVClickBuy.


Built on a fuel-efficient Mercedes-Benz chassis, this turbo diesel-powered Class C is easy to drive and cozy to live in. A queen bed and a lofted area above the cabin provide ample room for a small family of four to relax together and also have their own comfortable places to sleep. 


With fresh new updates to the interior and floor plan, the Seneca delivers exceptional towing power with a Freightliner diesel chassis — all without compromising on cabin space. Features like an LED HD Smart Fire TV and Winegard 2.0 WiFi/4G antenna — not to mention all the potential luxury upgrades, like power theater seating and satellite — means this RV can quickly transform into an entertainment hub for up to six people. 


If you’re looking to invest in a Class A that meets all of your needs and then some, look no further. The Alante has it all when it comes to ultimate drivability and comfort, offering space for up to six people in the 2022 29S. Solar power, WiFi, and smart device upgrades make this model a great choice for digital nomads and those who are on the road full-time.

Jay Feather

This ultra-lightweight fiberglass trailer is undoubtedly the most versatile Jayco RV and is easily towed by most mid-size vehicles. The Jay Feather is available at sizes from a petite 13″ up to 36″ in length. Perfect for eco-conscious couples looking to explore, families or groups of up to 10, and every option in between, this RV delivers an authentic camping experience that will save all travelers from the aches and pains of sleeping on the ground. 

Jay Flight

One of the most popular Jayco RV models, this 8″-wide, double-axle trailer seamlessly blends durability and adaptability. For those that have lots of gear and large recreational items or plan on inviting guests along the way, the Jay Flight offers a toy-hauler-like floor plan that allows you to make extra room when you need it. An extra six feet at the back of the SLX8 can be used as cargo space or another lounge, meeting your needs on a variety of different adventures.


Built to be towed behind powerful trucks, Eagle’s half-ton fifth wheel handles like a dream and has exceptional shocks to make the ride smooth and stable. At a hefty 42″ long and chock full of features inside and out, the 355MBQS boasts a sleeping capacity of 11 — ideal for big family gatherings or an extended trip with all of your closest friends.

Which Jayco RV is Right for You?

Before selecting which make and model is right for you, it’s important to do your research and ask a few key questions:

  • How many people will you typically be traveling with?
  • What is your vehicle’s towing capacity?
  • Where are some of the places on your travel bucket list?
  • Which is more important to you: easy driving or easy living?
  • What are your favorite ways to enjoy and explore the terrain around you?

Remember that your RV will be your home away from home. What do you want that to feel like?

Shop Jayco RVs with Ease 

Purchasing a recreational vehicle is a big step toward creating your own adventures, and we at RVClickBuy want to make sure you feel comfortable at every step of the buying process. Search our easy-to-navigate site and take virtual tours of your top choices to see exactly what your potential new home on wheels will look like.

We offer a 7-day peace of mind guarantee and 100-day limited warranty, along with flexible purchasing options and exceptional customer service along the way. Shop and reserve your dream RV from the comfort of your home and let us take care of the delivery, resting assured that your satisfaction is our top priority.

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