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Adventure in the Jayco Embark

When you’re looking to buy an RV for all of your adventuring and road-tripping needs, there are a lot of factors to consider. After all, it’s more than just a recreational vehicle — it’s an investment in your family’s future of fun. 

As an industry leader for over fifty years, Jayco seamlessly combines comfort and security without compromise. Because all Jayco RVs are carefully designed with exploration and adventure in mind, you can create endless memories for years to come without boundaries. 

Why choose Class A?

There are several reasons to choose a Class A RV over other models, but their defining features truly set them apart from other classes:


  • Class A RVs can easily weigh upwards of 25,000 pounds, meaning the torque and the power you get is close to that of a semi-truck. Similar in shape and size to a city bus, Class As make it easy to feel powerful and in control behind the wheel.


  • Features like automatic leveling and fiberglass roofs mean you don’t need to worry about uneven terrain and damage from harsh weather, making you feel even more secure during your travels any time of year. 


  • More often than not, Class A RVs are built with impeccable standards in mind, and they tend to depreciate much slower than other RVs. Just think: if you’re already going to invest in a home away from home, why not choose a recreational vehicle that will stand the test of time?

What makes the Jayco Embark Class A special?

With premium furniture for ultimate relaxation, hand-laid porcelain tiled floors, and a beautiful sleek exterior, the Jayco Embark Class A is untouchable when it comes to style. Better yet, it’s not just about looks — the functionality and craftsmanship that goes into each and every one is unprecedented. It’s easy to feel like royalty when you adventure in the Embark:


  • Built on a top-of-the-line K1 chassis, this turbocharged model takes the cake when it comes to a smooth, silky ride as you’re traveling down the highway.
  • Every Jayco Embark Class A is equipped with JRide Premium, the ultimate handling system to carry you over any bumps in the road you might come across. 
  • Powered accelerator pedals and adjustable brakes take some of the guesswork out of managing such a large recreational vehicle, allowing you to really focus on the journey to your next destination.


  • A manual tilt and telescoping steering column make driving simpler and more accessible for anyone taking turns piloting your adventure, meaning you can take breaks from driving whenever you need to.
  • With an Ultra-Vision tinted windshield and matching windows, you can feel safe knowing you’ve got unmatched privacy — even if you’re surrounded by other adventurers. 
  • Xite 360’s HD digital camera system, one of the most exceptional on the market, allows you to see whatever is coming before it gets there.


  • Samsung has long provided quality, innovative technology to homes everywhere — and that includes homes on wheels. With a smart TV and soundbar in every Jayco Embark, you’ll be able to stream the latest releases without the hassle of hookup.
  • Get ready for movie night on the road with your Sony Blu-Ray player and let your kids invite their newfound friends. After all, who doesn’t want to be the coolest parents traveling around the country?
  • LED lighting has changed the way we brighten our lives, and it’s no different in the Jayco Embark. You’ll save money, time, and of course, energy — you’ll never have to seek out or change a funky-looking lightbulb again. 
Living area and kitchen of a Jayco Embark

Space for the entire family

Whenever you consider a smaller RV, ask yourself one question: are you willing to be potentially uncomfortable when you’re on the trip of a lifetime? Thankfully, the Jayco Embark Class A RV provides space unlike any other model on the market, so no one will even think to complain about feeling cramped.


  • With a front cabin — known as the “doghouse” — that doubles as a hangout area, you can effectively utilize all the space you pay for and then some.
  • Rather than feel squished when you’re behind the wheel, the Jayco Embark Class A provides ample space and luxurious seating for you to drive comfortably, no matter how long the next leg of your trip might be.
  • Don’t skip family dinners just because you’re on an adventure: there is plenty of room for all of your favorite people to sit around the dinette and enjoy tasty grilled food.


  • Generous underbelly storage and plenty of cabinet space inside means each person in your family has a place to comfortably put their things while exploring the country.
  • Because you’re bringing the whole family along, the need for ample fresh water and plenty of storage for gray and black water is absolutely necessary. The Jayco Embark comes with 100, 62, and 41-gallon tanks, respectively, ensuring that everyone will be able to hydrate and shower without needing to rush.


  • With enough room to fit your whole family, a few friends, and maybe even the RV park neighbor to your right for a night, getting quality shut-eye is a given in the Jayco Embark Class A. 
  • Of course, getting quality shut-eye doesn’t always happen when you’re fully mobile. But with the cozy bedding and sofa, you might not have much of a choice. 

Shop for your Jayco Embark Class A with ease at RVClickbuy 

There’s no question that purchasing a recreational vehicle is a big step toward freedom, and no one understands that better than RVClickbuy. From our rigorous 100-point inspection to our exceptional purchasing experience, you can trust in the online buying experience without worry. 

When you’re seeking a travel experience unlike any other, there’s nothing like the Jayco Embark Class A RV. Establishing a foundation for generations of family fun has never been more exciting and easy. Shop and reserve your dream RV from the comfort of your home, and we’ll take care of the delivery — we leave peace of mind in your driveway on four wheels.

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