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Keystone RV: Everything You Need to Know

Living life to the fullest on the open road is something that can only be done with an RV. It comes with experiences that are once-in-a-lifetime and impossible to duplicate with just a car. Once you’ve experienced travel and life in an RV, you’ll never want to go back to life as usual. Owning an RV gives you incredible freedom and flexibility to live how you want and wherever you want. 

Here at RVClickBuy, we have a wide selection of incredible RVs for sale. One of the biggest brands we sell is Keystone RV. Keystone RVs are built to perfection with amenities that you simply cannot live without. A Keystone RV gives you the ability to live life on your terms in excellent quality, comfort, and style. 

Read on to learn more about what makes Keystone RVs so amazing and find out what Keystone RV may be right for you. 

Industry-Leading Innovation

The Keystone RV Company is different than other RV brands. Built back in 1996, Keystone was built on the pillars of focus, agility, and drive. These key elements are what continue to drive customers to buy and enjoy Keystone RVs. 

Keystone RV is dedicated to innovation. It has a committed team of research and development engineers who continue to challenge the norms within the RV industry. They’re on the front lines, creating new standards for RV performance, comfort, and safety. Keystone has incredible innovations such as KeyTV™, Super SolarFlex™, and iN•Command™ Smart RV system. These innovations and trendsetters truly set Keystone RVs apart from the crowd.

Long-Lasting Quality

If one thing is for certain with Keystone RVs, it is that quality is prioritized above all else. You will only find quality RVs on RVClickBuy, and the Keystone line is no exception. As a brand, Keystone has developed game-changing features that keep RV owners interested, safe, and comfortable out on the road. Quality features found in Keystone RVs include color-coded 12V wiring, the Blade™ high-performance airflow system, HyperDeck™ RV Floor, and Tru-Fit™ slide construction. Features such as these make Keystone RVs perform better and more durably than some other RVs out there on the market, shattering barriers to deliver RVs that perform better and are more durable. Keystone RVs are also built with some of the highest manufacturing standards in the industry, and each RV is inspected to the fullest to ensure that RV enthusiasts like you are satisfied and safe.

Interior of the Keystone Bullet travel trailer

Some of Our Available Keystone RVs

Now that you know what the Keystone brand is all about, we can take a closer look at some of the different Keystone RVs offered on RVClickBuy. We have a wide selection of trailer RVs, toy haulers, and fifth-wheel RVs. Each 

2022 Keystone Carbon 348

​​ The Keystone Carbon 348 is a fifth-wheel toy hauler. Fifth-wheels are a larger variety of RVs. Meanwhile, toy hauler RVs come with a built-in garage, usually at the rear, that allows for the storage of various items. Having a garage is an incredible amenities to have with an RV. The Keystone Carbon features other quality amenities such as Thomas Payne® furniture, which comes equipped with heat and massage. However, the main draw of this RV is the 13-foot garage that allows you to bring along your favorite toys on your road trips. You can fit things like dirt bikes, ATVs, and more. 

The Keystone Carbon 348 is 38 feet, 11 inches long and has a width of 8 feet. Space is not a major issue with this RV, as it sleeps seven to eight people while offering enough space to spread out and relax. This RV has a full kitchen with stainless steel appliances, microwave, refrigerator, three-burner range stove and oven, and large farmhouse-style sink. The Carbon 348 features a full bathroom that comes with a one-piece fiberglass shower, porcelain toilet, and sink.

All-in-all, the Carbon 348 offers plenty of space for personal enjoyment, as well as storage space for all your traveling needs. It’s the perfect RV for any length of trip, so no matter how long you’re out on the road, there’s always something new within the RV to enjoy and experience.

2022 Keystone Carbon 36

The Keystone Carbon 36 is another one of Keystone’s available toy haulers. This particular model has nine different floor plans, all planned to maximize your overall comfort and enjoyment on your travels. The length of this RV is 38 feet, and it has a height of a little over 12 feet, which means this RV is very spacious.‌ The Carbon 36 sleeps up to seven passengers with a queen size bed up front and two pull-out sofa beds in the back. There’s also an additional sofa that fits a seventh guest. 

As far as the kitchen goes, the Carbon 36 has an L-shaped kitchen complete with stainless steel three-burner range stove and oven, microwave, solid surface countertops, soft-close hardwood cabinets, and stainless steel refrigerator.

Something that may be of interest to environmentally-conscious customers is the capability to install solar power. The Keystone Carbon 36 is ready for solar installation and all the wiring is in place for the roof and internal controls.

Keystone Impact 343

The Keystone Impact 343 is a toy hauler RV that is carpet-free and features fiberglass-backed linoleum floors, perfect for the outdoorsy type that doesn’t want to track in mud.  The RV has designer, upholstered window valances and nightshades that will give you that nice amount of privacy and shade from the outdoor elements. Overall, the Impact 343 is full of quality features that make life on the road comfortable and easy.

The interior of the Impact 343 features hardwood cabinetry all throughout and residential-style furniture. Also, these RVs are filled with LED lights and USB ports for your convenience. The Impact 343 comes with a spacious kitchen with all of the elements you need to live life on the road. In the kitchen, you’ll find a refrigerator and a stainless steel sink with a high-rise faucet, as well as a microwave oven and a three-burner stove. 

‌The Impact 343 has just one bathroom with a high-quality porcelain foot flush toilet. The bathroom also features an oversized shower. Moving on to the bedroom, you’ll find a queen-sized bed outfitted with reading lights and USB ports for all your charging needs. This RV sleeps up to eight people with additional bedding found throughout in sofa beds and bunk beds.

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