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Planning a Road Trip: Helpful Hacks

Planning a road trip and taking it is one of the best ways — if not the best — to see the country. The open road, great outdoors, adventures, family fun, and people you meet along the way make for some of life’s sweetest memories. 

It’s important to plan for both fun and unexpected hiccups if you want to get the most out of your next adventure. Your trip route, destinations, accommodations, driving times, supplies, safety, and more are all things to consider when embarking on the open road.

If you’re planning a road trip, here are some road trip tricks to make it the best one yet.

Plan Your Route

Before taking off on your next expedition, you need a plan of action. Decide where you want to go, including main destinations, accommodations, and optional detours along the way.

When planning a road trip, ask yourself: Do you want to stay off the beaten path or go to more popular destinations? Do you want to take detours throughout the trip or stay focused on each day’s destination? Do you want to have long or short driving days?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you will know what you want your road trip to look like and what stops to take along the way. Plan your destinations and driving times, and mark them on a paper map or an app like Google Maps.

Even if you’re the more spontaneous type, it’s always a good idea to have some kind of plan. Be realistic about how much driving you can handle at a time and how many destinations you can fit in, so you can focus on making great memories.

Book Ahead

Now that you’ve planned your route of a lifetime remember to book any accommodations, activities, and campsites in advance. When staying at hotels or campgrounds at the end of your driving day, don’t count on availability when you get there.

This is especially relevant for popular destinations like national parks, which might have accommodations booked weeks to months in advance. Although many hotels in smaller stops between destinations tend to have open rooms, it’s never a given.

Make sure to do your research and book your stays ahead. This will make planning a road trip even easier. Even booking a room a few days in advance can give you peace of mind knowing you’ll have a bed waiting. You can also make your rest stops a part of the fun by booking unique stays like log cabins, historic inns, or breathtaking campsites! 

If you’re road-tripping via RV, you already have your accommodation with you — how convenient! But you’ll still need to pick campsites, rest stops, and places to park at night when traveling in your RV. Nonetheless, campsites tend to be more available and cheaper than motels, making RV travel fun and affordable.

Packing Tips

When planning for a road trip, make sure you have all of your essentials for a happy and safe journey. What you pack for your road trip might look different based on what destinations you’re going to, the time of year, climate, where you’re sleeping, and, of course, if you’ll have little ones on board.

No matter what your road trip might look like, here’s a basic checklist for must-haves on your next road adventure:

  • Food: Although stopping at local joints and diners along the way is a part of the fun, make sure to bring plenty of snacks to eat while traveling.
  • Water: Reusable water bottles plus a supply of extra water are a must for staying hydrated and in an emergency.
  • Clothes: Bring the right clothes for your activities and weather, plus backup clothes.
  • Toiletries: Bring the toiletries you use daily with you. Don’t forget any medications, vitamins, and other daily needs.
  • Electronics + Chargers: Make sure you have all your cameras, phones, and other electronics and their charges before leaving. Extra entertainment for kids and passengers is a good idea too.
  • Safety Kit: When taking a long journey by car, it’s essential to have a safety kit for car maintenance and first aid, plus hand sanitizer and any other necessary supplies.
  • Documents: Have your important documents on hand, like your license, passport, car registration, and insurance.

Travel Tips

When traveling for long hours on the road, here are some extra road trip tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey.

  • RV Maintenance: Schedule a service appointment or run self-checks before hitting the road. Remember that you will be driving for long hours and hundreds of miles, so make sure your vehicle can handle it. This is also a good time to confirm you have spare tires, gas, and tools in case you end up somewhere without help nearby.
  • Budget: Before any type of travel, it can be very helpful to set a budget for your journey. This budget should include gas, accommodations, food, park entry fees, souvenirs, and more. Road trip costs can add up fast, so make sure you have a plan! Traveling in an RV is an affordable option for any budget, plus it makes for a fun and comfortable experience. 
  • Entertainment: Although the driver will have to stick to podcasts and music, having in-car entertainment for kids and other passengers is a must for long hours of downtime. If you want to avoid screen time, playing car games like the “alphabet game” (finding items that start with each letter of the alphabet) is also a crowd-pleaser.

Why Travel by RV?

Traveling with an RV might be the perfect option for your next adventure. Road-tripping in an RV is a fun, safe, and comfortable way to see the country. An RV takes care of all your accommodations throughout your trip, ensuring you always have a safe place to stay — without breaking the bank.

Traveling in an RV lets you bring all your necessities and extra belongings for a comfortable journey. An RV provides extra space for your whole family so you can bring the kids along. Plus, kids love traveling in a mobile home and seeing the sights in this unique way, creating memories that they will cherish forever.

RVClickBuy provides world-class RVs that are perfect for your next road trip adventure. Whether you’re searching for a motor home, tent camper, travel trailer, or another RV type, RVClickBuy is your go-to provider for finding the perfect match for your journey.

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