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The 2022 Shasta Phoenix: What You Should Know

If you’re looking for an RV that provides nearly every creature comfort you could want while you’re traveling, look no further than the 2022 Shasta Phoenix. With three distinct styles that all offer an incredible amount of space for all of your adventuring and relaxing needs, it is at the top of its class when it comes to living your best life on the road.

As you get closer to taking a big step toward freedom with an RV purchase, though, it’s key that you do your due diligence: Here’s what you should know before choosing which Phoenix is best for you and your travel companions. 

Phoenix X-Edition

Made especially for those who travel with their families or small groups that travel together, the X-Editions offer all of the amenities you’d find in the coziness of your own home and then some. Of course, this means they all come in with a maximum weight capacity of nearly 15,000 pounds, so it’s critical that you check the towing capacity of your vehicle to ensure you can get to your destination without any added stress or worry.

Phoenix 355FBX

As the longest Phoenix model at 42′ 7″, this model is purposefully set up so that separate travel parties get their own separate areas. With two bunk beds and an adjacent bathroom at the front, a master bedroom and bathroom at the back, and a central kitchen and entertainment area, everyone will have the ability to socialize and still retreat to privacy when they need to. You can eat dinner or relax while watching a movie together, then say goodnight. 

Phoenix 393MBX

Perfect for families who love to hang out together both indoors and outdoors, the Phoenix 393MBX is truly a comfort on wheels. The removable table in the center opens the cabin up into what feels like a three-bedroom home on wheels — and the centrally-located bathroom means both kids and adults can access it easily. The biggest perk for families just might be the washer and dryer, complete with a central wardrobe for linens and towels after they’ve been folded.

Phoenix Fifth Wheels

Built to last and for the true RVer, Shasta Phoenix fifth wheels are the epitome of going big or staying home — even if you’re just traveling with your partner. 

Keep in mind that all of the original models have gross vehicle weight ratings similar to the X-Editions, so you’ll need at least a three-quarter-ton truck to tow any one of them safely. 

Phoenix 334FL

With a whopping five slide-outs in total — including two that lend themselves to the entertainment area and add to the theater seating — this fifth wheel is nothing short of leisure on wheels.  Not only is the bathroom larger than most others on the market, this one features sliding glass doors, a dome skylight, and two kitty-corner sinks: perfect for couples who love having their own space to lounge while being able to still share intimate spaces together. 

Phoenix 367BH

If you thought it was impossible for RVs to have two bathrooms, think again. Not only does the Phoenix 367BH have a large bathroom for everyone to use, it includes an elusive second full bath, right next to the master bedroom toward the front — something nearly unheard of when it comes to fifth wheels. With a flip-down bunk bed, tri-fold sofa, and outdoor mini-kitchen that doubles as another bunk bed on the inside, everyone you’re traveling will be able to find a place to crash.

Exterior of the 2022 Shasta Phoenix

Phoenix Lite Fifth Wheels

Not shockingly, the Shasta Phoenix Lite line carries the lightest and shortest models without sacrificing amenities or space for activities. Ranging from one slide-out to three and from about 29′ to 34′ long, these fifth wheels are made to tow behind slightly smaller trucks — great for those who don’t want to buy a new vehicle in order to live the RV life. Because they all have similar layouts, including a front-facing bedroom, adjacent bath, and an open kitchen plan, the Phoenix Lite models are a more affordable, versatile option for those that mix up their travel plans and companions whenever they decide to hit the road.

Which Shasta Phoenix Is Right for Me?

Making a purchase this big is nothing to take lightly, so when trying to figure out which 2022 Shasta Phoenix is right for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who will I be traveling with most of the time — and how much space do they need to feel comfortable?
  • What activities do I enjoy doing most while traveling? Entertaining? Relaxing? Grilling?
  • Where do I dream of visiting or staying on my trips? 
  • How will the size of my RV affect driving to and parking at those places?
  • Which layout am I drawn to most, and why?

Even if you’re not sure of the answers to all of these questions just yet — and it’s likely you’re not — that’s okay. Determining what RV is right for you and the way you travel isn’t easy, and sometimes, it’s something you figure out as you go along. Often, the most important part of choosing the RV of your dreams is doing your research and going with what feels right for what you know you and your family or loved ones need.

Find the RV of Your Dreams With Ease at RVClickBuy

There’s no question that purchasing a recreational vehicle is a big step toward freedom, but it can also be a scary one, and we take that seriously at RVClickBuy. We offer a seven-day peace of mind guarantee, a 100-day limited warranty, and priority customer service access for two months.

Shop from the comfort of your own home for your RV and let us deliver it directly to you so you don’t have to do more than click. After all, when you’re seeking an affordable yet luxurious travel experience unlike any other, there’s nothing quite like the Shasta Phoenix. Establishing a foundation for generations of family fun has never been more exciting and easy — especially when we offer peace of mind in your driveway on four wheels.

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