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What To Know About Shasta RVs: Travel Trailers & Fifth-Wheels

Shasta RVs have had a strong presence in the RV world for over 80 years. The first Shasta RV was a “house trailer” intended for mobile military housing. Even Robert Gray, the founder of Shasta, had no idea what kind of industry he found himself in. Since those humble beginnings, Shasta has sparked wanderlust in Americans across the country by building innovative RV products centered on the idea of freedom and the timeless feeling of nostalgia. 

The Shasta RVs of today are sleek and comfortable with modern amenities unimaginable a generation ago. You can choose one of two RV styles Shasta offers: travel trailer or fifth wheel. We’ll be exploring everything you need to know about both styles offered by Shasta and how they come with their own features and advantages. 

The Different Types of Shasta RVs

As a company, Shasta offers two different brands of RVs: Shasta and Phoenix. While they are both Shasta RVs, only the Phoenix brand offers fifth-wheel RV models. The rest are travel trailer RVs. So what exactly is the difference between travel trailers and fifth wheels? While most towable RVs can be described as travel trailers, the key difference between a fifth wheel and a travel trailer RV is the hitch. The hitch used for a fifth-wheel attaches directly to the bed of a pickup truck, while travel trailers are hitched with a ball and coupler hitch connected to the very bottom rear of a vehicle.

Travel trailers can be towed by any capable vehicle like an SUV or a pickup truck, but only pickup trucks can tow fifth-wheels. So the kind of vehicle you have access to can be the deciding factor in choosing one of the Shasta travel trailers or Shasta fifth-wheels. A great advantage to towable RVs is that you can easily unhitch your RV at the campsite and come and go with ease using your everyday vehicle. 

Shasta RVs: Travel Trailers

Shasta offers lightweight travel trailer RVs with a wide variety of quality and affordable floor plans. Each Shasta travel trailer is lightweight but packed to the brim with the features and amenities designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. Whether you’re an outdoorsy couple looking for a getaway or a family building memories together, Shasta travel trailer RVs are the perfect way to go.

Shasta Travel Trailer


So what sets Shasta travel trailers apart from the crowd? A lot of RVs on the market these days have very simple and sometimes outdated features that leave consumers like you bored. Shasta’s incredible features are exciting, innovative, and standard with each floor plan and model. Their features are well-laid-out throughout the interior. 

Shasta travel trailers have bright and spacious interiors. You will enjoy their modern woodgrain cabinetry in the main areas, as well as the energy-efficient, LED interior lights throughout the RV. Every Shasta travel trailer features a large stainless steel residential refrigerator, a three-burner cooktop stove, a large sink with a pull-down sprayer, and an optional free-standing dinette with four chairs. There are also plenty of other upgrades you can choose from to elevate your RV experience, such as an LED fireplace, televisions, and an outdoor kitchen and grill. 

Let’s explore some more of the most noteworthy and standout features that are included in the Shasta travel trailer of your choice:

  • Shower
  • LED interior lights
  • Pleated shades
  • Powered roof vent in the bathroom
  • Blackout shades in the bedroom
  • Jack knife sofa
  • USB charging stations
  • Foot flush toilet
  • Medicine cabinet with mirror
  • Cable TV hookup in the living area and the bedroom
  • Under-bed storage
  • Decorative bedspread
  • And more

Shasta RVs: Fifth-Wheels

The Shasta fifth-wheel brand is known as Phoenix. When it comes to fifth-wheels, you’re getting more space than you would with a standard Shasta travel trailer. Fifth-wheels generally tend to have more overhead space with taller ceilings and extra space hanging over the pickup truck’s bed. This added space makes fifth-wheels perfect for larger family outings and extended stays at campsites and other destinations. Phoenix fifth-wheels are luxurious, with floor plans that include high-end features, interiors, and an opportunity for experiences you can’t find anywhere else. All you need is a handy pickup truck, as most fifth-wheels offered by Shasta are compatible with the modern half-ton and three-quarter-ton trucks on the market today.

Shasta Fifth Wheel


When it comes to included standard features, the Phoenix brand is no different than the other Shasta models. Phoenix fifth-wheels offer incredible features throughout every single floor plan. And just like the travel trailers, Shasta fifth-wheels have options for upgrades like televisions, roof solar panels, a ceiling fan, and more. 

Let’s get into the included standout features you’ll be able to enjoy in any of the Phoenix fifth-wheel RVs:

  • UV-treated, weather-resistant decals
  • 80% privacy-tint safety glass windows
  • LED lights
  • Solid wood cabinet doors
  • Roller nightshades
  • Residential cooktop
  • Farm-style single basin sink
  • Large porcelain foot-flush toilet
  • Large wardrobe
  • Modern entertainment center with TV prep
  • Stainless steel refrigerator
  • Stainless steel microwave
  • Stainless steel oven
  • Residential 60-inch by 80-inch pillow top mattress
  • Designer Bedspread
  • And so much more

Find Your Shasta RV on RVClickBuy

With the decades of experience that Shasta has, it’s clear why their brand has remained a staple in the RV world. After all, there’s plenty to enjoy in any type of Shasta RV. Shasta has dedicated years upon years of experience crafting RV products that are comfortable and accessible to even the most novice RV enthusiasts. With an amazing lineup of customizable floor plans decked out with state-of-the-art standard features, your next RV trip is sure to be the most memorable of adventures. So be sure to check out the available selection of Shasta RVs on RVClickBuy and contact a representative from the RVClickBuy team to learn how you can get your hands on an RV by Shasta.

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