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RVs to Fit the Whole Family

Whether you’re hitting the road full-time or looking ahead to future getaways, planning RV
travel gets complicated when you have a big family. Families of four — or bigger — can have a
hard time finding a rig that fits them comfortably, but you shouldn’t have to look for long to find
an RV for the family and your kids.

We’ve gathered a few of the best large RVs to fit the whole family depending on your

The 2022 Gulfstream Conquest

First on the list is the 2022 Gulfstream Conquest. Unlike other Gulfstream models, which are
more conventional trailers or toy haulers, the Conquest is a Class C motorhome RV, which means
it’s built with an attached cab where you can steer — allowing you to drive your own home
instead of needing a pickup truck or SUV.

The Gulfstream Conquest is built for affordable family fun. With a queen-sized bed and an extra
bunk in the RV’s overhang, this model works well for smaller families looking for a more
compact travel space. It also comes with a pleated door for moments of privacy away from the
kids. For your family’s cooking needs, the Gulfstream Conquest comes with a double-door refrigerator
and freezer combo, along with a microwave, three-burner gas stove, and overhead storage. The
“Dream Dinette” table lets the whole family enjoy dinner together.

The 2022 Heartland Trail Runner

The 2022 Heartland Trail Runner is a trailer RV that is quite spacious: 26 feet long, 9 feet wide,
and 11 feet tall. This large RV leaves you with plenty of room for sleeping arrangements,
entertainment, cooking, and outdoor adventure gear. Whatever you need to store, there’s room
for it in the Heartland Trail Runner.

With a queen-sized bed and additional bunks, it can comfortably sleep a family of four. It also
features oversized wardrobes for your clothes, linens, and more. The Heartland RV comes with
industry-leading pass-through storage, along with extra storage above, underneath, and on either
side of the bed in the master bedroom.

Exterior view of the 2022 Heartland Trail Runner

On top of massive storage capacity and comfortable sleeping arrangements, the Trail Runner is
made for you to travel in style. It has a modern farmhouse interior, complete with a wood grain
floor, upgraded pressed counters, sleek and dark cabinetry, and LED lighting throughout.

The 2022 Cruiser RV MPG

At first glance, the 2022 Cruiser RV MPG might not seem as luxurious as other models. It
doesn’t have a shower, TV, or entertainment system. While it might seem simple, though, the
floor plan is surprisingly strategic and packed with value — able to comfortably fit a small
family. It has a spacious kitchen, a comfortable sliding king-sized bed, and a sofa for sleeping
arrangements. For the kids, there’s plenty of room in the living area for walking, playing, or even
as an extra sleeping space.

Living area of the 2022 Cruiser MPG travel trailer

Some notable features in the 2022 Cruiser RV MPG include:

●LED interior lighting
●Residential-style furniture
● Accent walls
●Stain-resistant shaw carpet
●Multiple charging ports
●Exterior wall-mounted speakers
●LED awning light
● Hardwood cabinet doors

● A high-rise faucet
●Pass-through storage

2022 Keystone Raptor

Coming in at nearly 40 feet long, the 2022 Keystone Raptor makes it clear that space won’t be an
issue. The sheer size of this RV is perfect for larger families, while the rugged exterior makes it
easy to travel off the beaten path.

How much space does the Keystone Raptor have? The spacious garage allows you to store all
kinds of adventure gear, including larger equipment like bikes, motorcycles, kayaks, and more. It
even comes with space for a washer and dryer.

The size of the RV extends to its water supply, too. The Keystone Raptor comes with a
freshwater tank that can contain over 100 gallons, including an 82-gallon gray water and
wastewater tanks. This helps accommodate large families or longer trips.

As far as sleeping arrangements go, this unit has two queen-sized beds — one in the master
bedroom and one that can be raised and lowered electronically to make even more space. To
accommodate more kids and guests, there’s an additional loft with a twin bed and a four-seat

The 2022 Keystone Raptor

The interior is packed with luxurious features, including:

●Furniture equipped with heat, massage, and LED lights
● A hardwood ceiling with LED accents
● Designer vinyl flooring
● Upholstered window valances
●In-floor heating ducts
●Soft-close cabinets
●Stainless-steel appliances

Comfort, Convenience, and Adventure for the Whole Family

You have a lot on your mind when seeking out RVs for kids — space, storage, sleeping
arrangements, and floorplan efficiency. For families of all sizes embarking on adventures large or
small, though, there is no shortage of excellent quality RVs to accommodate everything you
need. Whether you want something simple and compact or huge and luxurious, there’s a model
to fit every family’s needs and budget.

Of course, these RVs are just the start of a much longer list. On RVClickBuy, there’s so much
more to experience and explore. Shop some of our top brands from the comfort of your couch, or
use our RV Matcher to find the perfect model for your family’s needs.

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