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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my RV be clean when it arrives?
  • Your RV will go through a complete detail. Your RV is traveling uncovered and will likely arrive a little dirtier than after our detail. We provide you with a $50 gift card to help cover any initial cleaning.

  • Who delivers the RV to me that I purchase?
  • After your paperwork is prepared, the Pre-Delivery-Inspection is completed, and your RV is detailed, we are ready to send it your way! will schedule and confirm transport through our third-party transport partner to have your RV delivered asap. Once your RV is assigned to a driver and a date is scheduled for departure, your assigned Buyers Advocate will notify you with those details.

    This will involve confirming a day, time, and location. When the transport company arrives with your RV, you will then sign all paperwork.

    We work with third party transport companies to bring the RV directly to you and we will keep you updated on your RVs estimated day and time of arrival. We deliver nationwide to your driveway and your assigned Buyers Advocate communicate with you during the entire process.

    What's more, you can monitor the status of your delivery by clicking "My Orders" in your account. The status will be listed as either:

    1.) Pending

    2.) Processing

    3.) In Production

    4.) Inspection

    5.) Transport

    6.) In Route

    7.) Delivered

    8.) Ready for Pickup


    9.) Canceled

  • Will my RV be quality inspected before being delivered to me?
  • Your RV will go through a rigorous 100 point inspection to ensure everything is just right.  We do our best to ensure your RV is free of any issues whatsoever when you take delivery.  However, please note that since the RV is on the road being delivered to you, the RV will be moving, shaking, experiencing vibration, and also experiencing flex.  It is possible that something can go wrong.  This can happen when purchasing any RV from anywhere.  You have a full warranty and are fully covered if any such issues arise.

  • Do I have a warranty on the new RV I buy from
  • Remember, it doesn’t matter what any other dealer says, your new RV from always comes with a manufacturer’s warranty for a full year.

  • How does flexibuy work?
  • With flexibuy, you have the flexibility to choose your delivery date. While browsing the site, keep an eye out for the flexibuy savings tool. These deals are often available for a limited time only, and are usually contingent upon our relationships with partner dealers and manufacturers. With flexibuy, we have pre-negotiated with a wide network to determine which rates might be available. This is why it is important to always lock in your flexibuy. There may only be one unit available, or the deal might be set by the manufacturer or dealership to last for a limited time only.

    In short, this usually works out such that the earlier you buy, the more you save.

    Often times, RVs sit at manufacturer yards or dealership lots waiting to be sold. In these scenarios, the interest on material cost gets passed on to the customer. Flexibuy is usually a pre-order that takes advantage of the cost savings associated with buying from the line. In other instances, it might just be the result of a dealership offering a limited time only sale.

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